Why Small Is Better

At Century Assisted Living, we know it's our biggest advantage.


We keep our size small on purpose. Giving our residents great care and the right amount of care is of the utmost importance to us. Since we're small, we can provide the level of care that's right for every resident.

Moving to Century Assisted Living allows residents to extend their ability to live independently within the safety of the Century homes. This gives them the ability to enjoy life, friends, and family without the responsibilities of maintaining their own house.

Our Size Helps Us Focus On Three Key Areas


We have a small facility with two single-story houses located next to each other. It's easy for our residents to remain oriented to their surroundings. There are no long hallways to traverse or labyrinths of passages between your apartment and the other parts of the building. We believe that it shouldn't be difficult to get where you need to go, and it shouldn't take you a long time to get there. 


We know that surrounding yourself with things you associate with home makes transitioning much easier. We make sure to do this not only in your apartment, but throughout the whole building. The dining room tables are made of wood, probably similar to ones in most homes. Our kitchen isn't industrial and full of stainless steel. It looks like the kitchen in a regular house. We paint common areas in bright colors to stimulate mood and activity and paint other areas in darker colors to promote relaxation and rest. We strive to make Century look and feel like home. Nothing over the top. Just homey.


The definition of familiarity is a close association with, or knowledge of something. This is particularly important for those suffering from memory loss. We strive to maintain a firm foundation for all of our residents. Our small size allows us to keep the houses familiar to our residents. It also allows our residents, their loved ones, and our staff to become a tight-knit family.

Here's How We Help Our Residents

Our residents at Century Assisted Living represent a range of needs for assistance, from very little, to end-of-life care. We provide 5 levels of care based on each individual's needs.

  • Level 1 - You are able to perform your own daily personal care. You can ambulate without staff assistance, but you need a safe and secure environment.

  • Level 2 - You need minimal assistance with your own care and reminders about your personal care. You cooperate with staff and are continent.

  • Level 3 - You need moderate assistance with your own care and frequent reminders about taking care of yourself. You cooperate with staff and are continent.

  • Level 4 - You need maximum assistance from staff for your daily personal care, including staff to be on hand to help you transfer from the bed, chair, and bathroom, or for ambulation. You may be uncooperative with staff sometimes or frequently. You may also be incontinent. 

  • Level 5 - You require hospice services.

  • Not all residents go through every one of these stages, but this structure helps provide the least disruptive transition toward dependence on others. We strive to make every transition as comfortable and respectful as possible.