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Why Choose Century Assisted Living?

We are the area EXPERTS

  • Nursing Staff

  • Medication Management

  • 24/7/365 Staff

  • Daily Activities

We have everything your loved one needs

  • Fresh meals purchased locally

  • Private Rooms

  • Single level with no elevators or stairs

  • Pets Welcome

What Makes Us Different?

Unless you’ve been living at a country club before you move to an assisted living facility, that’s probably not the lifestyle you’re looking for. You probably also don’t need to feel like you’re on vacation in a fancy hotel every single day. If what you’re looking for is a new home that will feel like your own, Century Assisted Living is the place for you.  

At Century, we specialize in memory care, serving residents who have started to demonstrate signs of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. While we also have residents who do not suffer from dementia, we’re focused on serving the unique needs of those with dementia.

Our focus on memory care is one feature that sets Century Assisted Living apart from other assisted living facilities in the region. Moreover, our small size makes us different – that kind of place the Foglesong brothers were searching for when their mom needed care. It’s our size that helps our residents with three key areas for anyone suffering from dementia: orientation; associations; and, familiarity.



Having a small facility, two single-story houses located next to each other, it’s easy for our residents to remain oriented to their surroundings. There are no long hallways to traverse or labyrinths of passages between your apartment and the other parts of the building. We believe you shouldn’t need a map and compass to find your way to the dining room, and you shouldn’t have to spend a long time getting there.


One of the things that makes transitioning from the home you’ve lived in for years and your new home at Century is surrounding you with things you associate with home, not just in your apartment but throughout the house. The dining room tables are made of wood, probably similar to ones in most residents’ homes. Our kitchen isn’t industrial and full of stainless steel; it looks like the kitchen in a regular house. We paint common areas in bright colors to stimulate appetite and activity and paint other areas in darker, more relaxing and restful colors. We strive to make Century look and feel like home – nothing fancy – just homey.


The definition of familiarity is a close association with or knowledge of something. Our small size allows us to not only keep the houses familiar to our residents, but for our residents, their loved ones, and our staff to become one big (but not too big) family.

Now that you know what three key areas make Century Assisted Living unique, let us tell you about life at our house.

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