When shopping for an assisted living, there are a lot of factors to consider before choosing one- hopefully the “right” one that best fits your family's wants and needs. At Century Assisted Living, we recommend taking the following steps when making this decision...

  • Reach out to your friends and ask about their experiences.
  • Consider the needs of your loved one. Are they able to ambulate long distances to the dining room and community spaces? This can make or break their experience and quality of life.
  • Make sure to visit facilities unannounced with no appointment to see how things run on a regular day.
  • When you visit, talk to residents, family members and staff to get a first-hand opinion. You’ll know right off whether or not residents are happy and healthy by just looking and listening.
  • Ask about the food. Food is often a highlight in many of our days, for any age. Are meals fresh and homemade or institutionalized? Stay for a meal and try it yourself. Ask if there are substitutes offered.
  • Ask about what happens when your loved one will eventually need a higher level of care. Are they able to provide these accommodations in the same private setting or will they refer you to a long term care facility?
  • Inquire about any special training their staff has attended to be kept abreast of new and cutting edge information, especially in memory care.
  • Does your loved one wander? If so, what measures are taken to keep your loved one safe?
  • Ask what physicians and organizations they work with to provide the best care.
  • Ask about the staff to resident ratio.
  • Inquire about their last visit from the Department of Public Health. Did they score perfectly or have any violations?

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