We need help but how are we going to pay for it? Private pay or medicaid. Those are pretty much your two choices in a nutshell.

People have worked hard and saved their whole life to build a nest egg. That nest egg, along with any other assets like your home, vehicle, stocks, bonds, etc. should be used to pay for the care your loved one needs and deserves. If you are eligible, medicare part A will pay for a total of 100 days in a skilled nursing facility after a 3 day qualifying stay at a hospital. After those 100 days are gone, you can inquire about “lifetime days” or begin paying privately. The government expects you to use all of the assets you have first and once those are exhausted you may apply for medicaid. If you apply before your assets are spent, they will control your “spend down” so why not have control of your money and spend it where you want. Once you are on medicaid you are granted $90 a month to spend on things you want or need.

We all have to pay a cost to live- rent, utilities, food, tv, etc. At Century those costs are all built in to a monthly rate so when you look at the numbers and compare your current expenditures to the cost of assisted living remember that we will be providing everything from room and board to food, entertainment, laundry, and much more. So combining your social security, pensions, and any other income along with your nest egg and home value (because you won’t be needing your home any longer), assisted living is more affordable than you think.

The department of veterans affairs also grants monthly monetary assistance to veterans and their spouses if you apply and are eligible. Inquire with your local office or elder law attorney for more information.

Do you have long term care insurance? We accept that! We work with your family and companies like AFLAC and Genworth to fill out the necessary paperwork for you to receive those benefits should you have a policy.

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